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Concrete pouring requires the application of some procedures for a durable and robust placement. We at Tustin Concrete and Masonry pros offer advanced services in concrete pouring on your driveway, slab, and much more. Are you thinking of secure and reliable means to pour concrete on your new building slab? Contact us today, dial  (714) 583-6874, for a free quotation for your project. We carefully listen to your needs and desires before generating the quote. We offer reliable services all over the US and its borders.

Process of Concrete Pouring

Here are the main steps we follow after you hire us to pour concrete.

Preparation of the Site

The first job is to clear the site. All the debris, trees, Stones, shrubs, and any form of concrete at the site has to be removed. This provides a clean and even ground for working. Afterward, we will mark the exact dimensions as required before laying a sub-base of granules. The site is now ready to work on after compacting the base. Compacting the base makes it sturdy and even. Also, it prevents the sinking of some parts of the surface.

Preparing a Form

A form is a perimeter usually made of wood secured in place around the concrete pouring area. When making a form, make sure the corners are at a 90-degree angle and have a slop for preventing water stagnation. At Tustin Concrete and Masonry pros, we recommend a one-inch slope for every 10 feet.

Strengthening the Form.

Rebar or wire mesh offers a strong base and structural durability. Wire mesh is useful for preventing cracks on the concrete after it has cured. Rebar ensures the surface is strong to bear any amount of load.

The Pouring

Perfect pouring includes five significant steps.

  1. Concrete mixing – We usually take this step aggressively. If you do it wrong, the whole surface becomes a mess! 
  2. Adding together cement, sand, and gravel – Mixing the three main components at the ratio of 1:2:4 gives a first-grade concrete mixture. Usually, water is added as a requirement to bind the three together. However, it is essential to note that little water makes the mixture hard to work with, and a lot of water ruins the quality of the concrete.
  3. Pouring the concrete – For large surfaces, we use trucks to pour concrete on the foam. Smaller surfaces call for the use of wheelbarrows. During pouring, the concrete should be spread using shovels and rakes.
  4. Flatten the concrete – Screed the concrete using a piece of wood starting from the highest point of the slope. The amazing trick of creating a flat surface is jiggling the piece of wood over the forms for an even ground. Use a bull float to press the gravel down, leaving the smooth concrete on top.
  5. Making control Joints – These joints prevent the cracking effects caused by changes in temperature. Joints are cut to a thickness of about 0.25 of the concrete thickness. The spacing of the joints ranges from 5 to 6 feet. A piece of specialized equipment called groover makes this work easy for you.

Traction Creation

With a broom sweeper, designs are easily created based on the client’s needs. These designs create traction that prevents slipping when the surface is wet. Based on the texture a client needs, the surfaces are made smooth or rough. The groves should not be deep since deep grooves hold water on the surface.

Cure the Concrete

At least 28 days are required to cure the concrete. Using a sealant immediately after the concrete has been poured is advisable. This helps the concrete to dry faster and prevent cracks or color imperfections. 

Concrete Maintenance

Concrete is durable and requires low efforts in maintenance. Regular washing with soap and water gives the concrete surface a neat look. It is recommendable to seal the concrete surface once in every five years to reduce damages caused during its use.

We at Tustin Concrete and Masonry Pros love what we do. This is a complete guide of how we have excelled in concrete pouring. It is hard to say no to such a great team of experts in the field. Let us do it for you! Any further queries on concrete pouring in Tustin? Contact us today at (714) 583-6874. We offer a no-obligation estimation service. We make your concrete just as you wish it to be.