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The sight of plain concrete floorings can be pretty boring. It can be monotonous and bland to look at which prompted a lot of contractors to incorporate stained concrete to their services. Today, it has gained a lot of followers in both commercial and residential settings.

The use of stained concrete provides several benefits from low maintenance to durability to cost savings, making it the perfect option for any construction project. This innovative type of flooring is becoming popular among homeowners and commercial establishments as it offers a unique, aesthetic appeal by putting together unlimited decorative apps and designs to the project.

However, not all contractors can do exactly what you have in mind. They lack the necessary skills and know-how to undertake this kind of service. Or they may have the technology yet are not adept in turning your plain and boring concrete surfaces into a work of art. Tustin Concrete & Masonry knows exactly how you feel, and we have been into this business of turning slabs and concrete to decorative concrete. Our able and highly technical crews can highlight the concrete stains while making it both durable and highly decorative. To know more about how we can be of help to you, call us now at (714) 583-6874.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

The use of concrete stains in your flooring, driveways, and walkways can dramatically enhance the physical appearance of your surface. It can capture that sophisticated look akin to those pricey floorings like flagstone, granite, sandstone, travertine, and marble. With the right contractor, achieving the look of any of these luxurious materials can be achieved for a fraction of the cost.

Stained concrete may allow some moisture to seep into the floor, but not enough to cause any damage to the flooring itself. Nor will it cause any structural damage to the concrete itself. In this regard, stained concrete will not rot, warp nor fade. It does not suffer from discoloration unlike some kind of floors that change colors and texture once exposed to water, moisture, and even humidity.  Stained concrete is also low maintenance. A mop or sweeping is all you need, maybe a few or occasional re-polishing.

Regardless of where you want it installed, stained concrete is highly resistant to wear and tear. It can also take a lot of beatings from other elements like UV Rays, rain, snow, and dust. Stained concrete can, when done properly by a reliable contractor, can withstand discoloration and fading. It will not flake, buckle, and warp. And unlike painting a concrete, concrete stains can actually prevent peeling and chipping.

At Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros, we are aware of all the benefits and advantages of having  Tustin stained concrete floors. We assure you that your investment will not go to waste as we have likewise invested heavily in our equipment, products, and technological know-how, to keep us up with the latest trends.  Call Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros at (714) 583-6874 today if you need any of our services. We will provide you with the best estimate and show you our vast portfolio.

Concrete Resurfacing

If your concrete is showing signs of age or has become damaged due to the passing of time or because of the elements, a concrete resurfacing may be the answer to your problem. The ugly look on your concrete on your driveway, patio or garage floors can have an impact on your property especially if you are planning to sell it.

Other contractors will immediately coax you by replacing your concrete. And we all know that replacing concrete can cost you arms and legs.  Not to mention the time and effort that goes with replacing your existing concrete. At Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros, we do not only provide you with other alternatives, we offer you the option of concrete resurfacing at a friendly cost. It is the process of coating your existing concrete with micro-topping to bring back your concrete’s former glory.

If you need more information about how we can help with your concrete, you may continue reading below or you may call us today at (714) 583-6874.

We can do concrete resurfacing or refinishing regardless of the size. Our project managers and crew can identify problems and can provide you with concrete solutions. So whether you need a concrete surfacing on your residential property or on your business establishment, Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros will surely bring your concrete back to life.

Places where we can do concrete resurfacing:

The problem with concrete is, regardless of the quality of the concrete that you used or how hard you try to maintain it; the concrete will eventually suffer from deterioration. Even if you use the highest quality of concrete or hide it from the elements, sooner or later it will crack, peel off and fade. Regardless of where your concrete is located, Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros will surely help you resurface your concrete. Here are some of the usual places where resurfacing takes place.


The flooring on your garage usually takes a lot of beatings. Your car or other vehicles like sled, motorcycle, and even garden implements can cause your concrete to crack and chipped off. And when it shows a lot of these damages, we strongly recommend that you call us at (714) 583-6874, we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.


Your driveway carries the weight of your car or truck every day. It also has to endure outdoor elements like snow, rain, humidity, and sleet, and soil erosion. These greatly damage the structural integrity of your driveway. And we advise that an immediate resurfacing be done on your concrete to avoid any more serious damage to your concrete slab.

Pool Deck and Patio

The concrete on your pool decks is exposed constantly to harsh conditions like the weather, harsh chemicals, and heavy foot traffic, especially on hot and humid months. And due to these conditions, decks suffer from cracks, gauges, and peeling, and when this happens, it can cause problems and injuries to pool users. It may lose its capability to resist slipping and can no longer deflect heat during the summer. When this happens, resurface it now. And just like your pool decks, your patio can also get a lot of beatings and will likewise need the same treatment from us.

We can also do resurfacing in other areas on your property, simply call us at (714) 583-674 right now. We will be happy to provide you with our estimate and assessment.

What are the Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing?

First and foremost, changing the entire slab cost a lot of money, thus, one of the benefits of concrete resurfacing is the savings that you will get.

It can also increase the durability of your concrete after it is exposed to all physical and chemical elements. And by resurfacing your slab, you are giving it a longer life span.

Resurfacing your concrete will also increase the value of your property. And when you are planning to sell it, you will reap your investment.

To know more about how concrete resurfacing can further help you, call us right now (714) 583-6874. You may also fill up our form and our team will be in touch with you.