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Masonry has been in place since time immemorial, and when contractors use stones, it is called stone masonry. Stones for buildings are derived from rocks, and there are different types of building stones. These stones are then bonded together with a mortar, and something creative and long-lasting is made.

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What is Stone Masonry and Its Types?

Now that we have defined stone masonry, let’s check out the different types of stone masonry.

  • Rubble masonry includes dry rubble masonry, square rubble, random rubble, and miscellaneous type rubble. Your masonry contractor will advise you accordingly.
  • Ashlar masonry: This type contains ashlar fine tooled, ashlar rough tooled, ashlar rock-faced, ashlar block in course, ashlar chamfered, and ashlar facing.

The type of stones used in masonry includes igneous stone, sedimentary stones, and metamorphic stones. At Tustin Concrete & Concrete Pros, we have been helping homeowners with different types of masonry work, and we can help you, too. If you don’t know where to buy stone masonry stones in Tustin, we can advise you accordingly.

Stone Masonry vs. Brick Masonry

Generally, there are two significant types of masonry: stone masonry and brick masonry. These two options give some homeowners a headache when it comes to choosing the best for what they want to build. We will compare both of them to help you make an informed decision. Remember, you can count on us on whichever type you choose. 


Both stone and brick are quite durable, but the stone is typically more durable than brick. Brick lasts for about 100 years, but stone can last for centuries. Note that manufactured stone cannot last as long as natural stone, and it holds almost the same lifetime as a brick.

All in all, both are durable materials, but if you are planning to build a house that will live long after you die, you should consider opting for stones. We can help you with stone masonry work whenever you need us. Ask for help on (714) 583-6874


For warm climates, the stone is better than brick. Stone will keep your house fresh, and you can enjoy cold temperatures even when the sun is blazing outside. On the other hand, brick is a better option for cold climates as it holds heat and releases it when you need warmth the most.

Bricks are more absorbent than stone, and they are not ideal for moist areas, whether it’s weather or sewage waste. Bricks will absorb the moisture, and once the moisture evaporates, they will leave some white and grey spots. Stones are less absorbent, making them a better choice for such areas.

Stones are easier to clean and are less susceptible to mold growth like a brick is. 


Bricks are generally more aesthetic than stone. They are entirely uniform, and they stack on top of each other perfectly. Bricks are also more flexible in terms of size and color variety. Stones, on the other hand, are less uniform and elastic. A professional stone masonry contractor can help make the stones more consistent, but they can never be as perfect as bricks.

Installation and Construction

Generally, brick is cheaper to install than stone. Brick usually requires fewer skills, and the material itself is cheap. Laying uneven and unequal stones requires more skills, and it takes longer to install. However, depending on the amount of mortar used and the size of the stone, it might be cheaper to install stone.

The choice between these two options boils down to you, but it will be wise to consider the above factors. And if you require a stone masonry company or stone masonry repair near you, we are here for you. Call us on (714) 583-6874.