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If you want to build a garage or any other groundwork, you got several options, and one of the best materials to use is concrete. Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros has skilled contractors who can build a safe and durable concrete slab in Tustin.

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What is Concrete Slabs Definition?

Concrete slabs are horizontal slabs made of steel and then reinforced with thick steel. These slabs are mostly used for floors and ceilings. So if you are looking for groundwork services, why not consider them? 

Why Use Concrete Slabs?

When we construct floors or ceilings using concrete slabs, we usually lay them on a layer of insulation to ensure your home runs efficiently. By doing so, we make it possible to include heating pipes under the floor. 

We use prefabricated slabs, made and transported by our team, ready to be lowered into the site. And if you have a question or want some clarification, you can always contact us on (714) 583-6874. An expert will answer you and give you a free quote if you need one. 

Concrete Slabs Repair and Replacement

Concrete slabs are durable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t crack and get damaged. However, this damage doesn’t always mean there was something wrong with the installation. If your garage has several cracks, it is time to repair or replace it. Call us now and allow us to assist you. We are only an email/call away.

Will Concrete Slabs Crack?

Yes, that’s possible. When most people see a crack on their concrete slabs, the first assumption is that something had been done wrong during installation. However, that’s not always the case. Concrete cracks are common, and some of them are inevitable.  

It is unrealistic to expect a crack-free concrete floor, and that’s why we always advise our clients that it is normal for their concrete slabs to have some cracks. However, we assure you that we have contractors that can construct a concrete slab that will last for a long time without cracks. We have helped hundreds of homeowners, and they all have amazing things to say about our services. Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros have concrete contractors near you. 

When to Reinforce Concrete Slabs

Reinforced concrete has become quite a popular material for most types of concrete constructions. Our experts agree on the importance of reinforced concrete slabs, and we can help you whenever you need a concrete contractor near you. 

Reinforcing concrete slabs helps them resist cracks and breaks caused by a failure of the concrete’s tensile strength. We use reinforcing mesh or rebar, which helps distribute the weight evenly, helping prevent cracks and breaks.  

When to Remove Concrete Slabs

If you are not sure it’s time to replace your concrete slab, here are some things you should look out for:

  • Wide cracks that can’t be repaired. A professional can help you know if your concrete slab is repairable.
  • Severe pitting
  • Eroded sub base
  • If you feel like your commercial garage does not look professional like your competitors. 

How Much Does Concrete Slab Cost?

The cost of constructing a concrete slab varies from one area to another. And it also depends on the contractor that you hire. Additionally, it depends on the thickness of the slab, plus the need for special reinforcement. 

 For a thumb rule, a ten by ten concrete slab will cost you around $680- $950. Call us and get an estimate for your slab.  

We are here for you whenever you need concrete contractors near you. Our services are quite affordable, and we always work fast. Call us now on (714) 583-6874, and you will be glad you did.