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Bricklaying seems like an easy process as it consists of laying down rectangular blocks of baked clay in layers until the desired height is reached. A composition of sand and cement or lime is placed between the layers to harden and bind the clay blocks. As easy as the process seems, there’s more to bricklaying than what you see at first. Successful bricklaying cannot be done without practice and general construction knowledge.

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Bricklaying Basics

There are some things you need to know before you start laying blocks of baked clay. 

Accessing Your Work

Gauging the work is essential so that the experts can record the dimensions of the bricks that will be used, and the thickness of the mortar joints. Usually, mortar joints have a thickness of 10 mm for both the vertical and horizontal joints. 

Check Weather Forecast

It is vital to know what the weather will be like for the next few days. It is not advisable to lay bricks when it is raining or when the temperature is low. If rainwater gets into the mortar before it cures, the cement will be washed down and stain your bricks, or worse, destroy the structure you just built. Cold weather, on the other hand, delays the curing process. Frost is prone to get into your mortar and crack it. 

Process of Bricklaying

The materials required for brickwork include bricks and mortar. The blocks should be well-baked and cherry red. Blocks with sharp edges and a regular shape are needed for a neat structure. The mortar should be mixed with standard materials. One of the tools necessary for bricklaying is a steel trowel for spreading the mortar.

Here are the main steps of bricklaying. 

Soak the Bricks

Before laying the bricks, submerge them in water for at least 12 hours. Soak the blocks till the air bubbles stop appearing. 

Brick Layering

Lay the bricks well in English bonds. Every layer should be truly horizontal, with straight walls. You can use a plumb to ensure the walls are on the right levels. Do not use damaged or broken bricks. Instead, lay clean-cut bricks on closures. For face work, use the best-shaped blocks.

Pick up as much mortar as you can handle on your trowel and spread generously along the area you want to lay the bricks. Trim off excess mortar from the blocks using the trowel and use it to extend your spread.


The bricks should be kept wet for at least three weeks after laying. During construction, protect the newly laid bricks from the rain, sun, and frost as they are likely to get damaged. 

Bricklaying is a process that requires the utmost care and expertise. One of the benefits of hiring Tustin Concrete and Masonry Pros is that they provide several construction services. You not only get to work with a company that has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in the field but also get one that can do a wide range of jobs without forcing you to hire different companies. Call us today at (714) 583-6874 to get a free quotation.