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At Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros, we provide quality concrete constructions, including concrete walls, foundations, sea walls, retaining walls, and stone masonry, among other services. Our concrete experts are always ready to help you, and our services come at affordable rates. 

Over the years, we have helped lots of commercial building owners and homeowners and will help you, too, if you allow us. We pride ourselves with services of the highest quality and excellent customer service.

We believe that our customers are always right, and that’s why nothing can ever go wrong with our services. Contact (714) 583-6874 for more information about our services or if you have any questions. 

What is Concrete Wall?

A concrete wall is simply a wall made of concrete. There are various concrete walls in Tustin, and Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros can help you with whatever type you want. A concrete block wall is among the most common.  

Concrete block walls are made up of standard size concrete blocks. Typically, the size for the blocks is eight inches. However, depending on the design and standards that you want, the block sizes can vary. These walls usually consist of steel reinforcements.

 It is worth noting that that like other concrete structures, concrete block walls are prone to corrosion. However, the blocks are available with anti-corrosive coatings. These corrosions maybe as a result of acidic or saltwater, fluorides, nitrates, chlorides, and industrial waste like corrosive gases.  

The corrosions can be prevented through various methods such as surface treatment and application of oil. The possibility to avoid corrosions is one of the significant advantages of a concrete wall block.

Concrete Retaining Wall

Concrete retaining walls are hard to install, but they are lovely. Most concrete contractors shy from poured concrete because of their high risk of cracking and difficulty in repairing. 

These walls require a lot of expertise and experience to prevent these cracks, and not just another contractor can install them. Many things could go wrong with them, so you need to hire a contractor with a good track record.

You can count on Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros for this service, and we guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. Call (714) 583-6874 and let us build you a beautiful and long-lasting concrete retaining wall.  

Can You Plaster Concrete Wall?

Yes. Applying plaster to your concrete wall can level it, and change its appearance, plus make it more moisture-resistant. However, it is worth noting that plastering concrete walls take time, and if the surface is poorly prepared, the wall will have cracks after a few weeks. And within a few months, the plaster may even come off the wall. That’s why it’s paramount to hire a contractor with experience and expertise in plastering concrete walls. You can count on Tustin Concrete & Masonry Pros.  

How Much Does Concrete Wall Cost?

There are several reasons to install a concrete wall in your home. Maybe it is to create a border for your property, or as the foundation for your home, or even for decorative purposes. To make sure you don’t overpay for these services, here are an estimate:

  • The average cost for a concrete wall is $6,000 
  • On the low end, the price is about $2,900, while on the high end, the price is $10,100 

Different factors such as material, delivery, labor, contractors, reinforcement, drainage, excavation, and finish contribute to the cost.

Why Does Concrete Wall Crack?

Cracks in concrete are quite common, but most homeowners often misunderstand them. Most people usually assume something is wrong with their structure, and the contractor did not do an outstanding job.

However, that is not always the case. Even though most cracks are preventable, there are some which are inevitable. These inevitable cracks are mostly caused by plastic shrinkage. Other factors that cause cracks in concrete include:

  • Expansion cracks
  • Heaving 
  • Settling/subsidence 
  • Overloading of the slab 
  • Premature drying 

Reinforcement can help prevent most of these cracks and make you’re your wall stronger. Contact us for any concrete construction services, and we will help you out.