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As one of the highest-ranked concrete companies, Tustin Concrete and Masonry Pros is often called to construct or repair stamped driveways. Our years of experience in the construction industry mean that we have the artistry and expertise to make a stamped driveway you can only dream of. We will work with your landscaper, architect, or general contractor to ensure that your driveway is completed on budget, on time, and to your satisfaction. Give us a call today at (714) 583-6874.

Advantages of a Concrete Driveway

Concrete is becoming a popular material in the construction of driveways due to its sturdy nature. Compared to its alternatives, concrete is attractive, versatile, durable, and requires little maintenance. Also, concrete can be designed to complement any aesthetic. Stamped driveways are more adaptable than other substances as they can be manipulated to various designs, patterns, textures, and colors. Concrete is a versatile product that requires careful handling. If handled poorly, you may not be able to enjoy these numerous benefits. Contact us today, and we will dispatch a team of experts to examine your driveway and give recommendations.

Process of Installing a Stamped Driveway

Stamping concrete is a delicate procedure that involves a lot of steps and minimal time to execute them all. Therefore, it has to be done swiftly and carefully. Our experts have the expertise and experience in pouring concrete. Before landing on the site, the staff to be dispatched by Tustin Concrete and Masonry Pros does a mock demonstration of the real process. Each team member is assigned their task beforehand to prepare and organize when they get on the site. For projects that require diagramming the process in advance, our professionals are ever ready for any task presented to them. Here is the step-by-step guide on how we stamp concrete.

Apply a Color Hardener

After the concrete has reached the right stage of plasticity, apply the color hardener by carefully broadcasting it on the surface to minimize the amount of the product that drifts to the air. The best way to apply the hardener is by starting from the middle of the slab and spreading it to the edges. This prevents the buildup of the substance at the edges. After application, give the surface at least ten minutes to pull water from the slab and float it. Apply a second layer of the hardener.

Broadcast a Release Substance

The release agent’s role is to act as a bond breaker to prevent the stamping material from sticking on the slab and add color contrast. Tustin contractors use a dry Tampico brush to spread a powdered release.

Test the Surface

Next, we test the surface to see if it has achieved the right stage of plasticity. If the stamping process is done too soon, the concrete surface won’t be firm enough to hold a good imprint or support the weight of the workers. Also, if stamping is delayed, it will require more effort, and the stamps will be little with no texture. You can test the slab by stepping on it. A surface that has the right plasticity will hold your weight without sliding or sinking too deep.

Pretexture the Edges

We pretexture the perimeter of the slab with a flex mat or a texturing skin to about 6-12 inches inward to ensure it is flexible. Working with a non-flexible stamp might make the mat overlap the perimeter of the slab, and you will not be able to depress the skin into the concrete surface fully.


Start by placing the first two rows of stamps. You should place the stamps in the same order you were pouring the concrete. Placing the first two rows along the perimeter serves as a benchmark for the rest of the slab. If the first two rows are out of line, the entire block will be out of alignment. Our experts use leveling tools to guide their stamps.

Concrete is a beautiful alternative to natural stones and pavers for applications such as driveways. It requires little to no maintenance efforts. Stamped concrete is unbeatable when it comes to colorful designs and patterns.

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